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    Welcome to the Language Writing Forums!

    These forums offer a place for you to practice your second language writing skills and we encourage native speakers to participate as well.

    Practice your second language writing skills with writing prompts.

    Forum posts and responses should be provided in the appropriate language for each forum that you are writing on.

    If this is your first time here please visit the appropriate introductions forum page and introduce yourself.

    While all levels of language experience are welcome you are expected to post entirely in the appropriate language for each forum. Even if you are a beginner give it a try and share a short story, poem, or short essay.

    • Be kind and respectful.
    • Be patient with beginners.
    • All content on the forums should maintain a helpful and courteous tone and not be intended to provoke other community members.
    • Refrain from discussing personal matters, verbally abusing any individual, or from posting content which may be deemed inappropriate or irrelevant.
    • Any verbal abuse or harassment will not be tolerated. After all, isn’t the purpose of this forum to learn how to communicate better?
    • Do not post anything that is discriminatory in nature. This includes posts that incite discrimination, hate or violence towards one person or a group because of their belonging to an ethnicity, a religion, or a nation.
    • Do not post machine translations of your text.
    • Do not post copyrighted material or the works of others. Everything you post should be your own work. Any work posted that is not your own will be removed.
    • Remember you are sharing for the purpose of practice and learning so be open to receiving corrections and feedback. A correction is not an insult.
    • Feedback may include grammatical suggestions or corrections.
    • If you are having trouble understanding the original poster’s topic kindly and respectfully cite the area of confusion in your response and ask for further clarification.
    • Spam will not be tolerated.
    • Do not post content that could be considered advertising, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation.
    • Comments and replies should be focused on the submitted written work and not personal views concerning the written work.

    Please make sure that you are not detracting from the community experience for any user and keep these forums a positive experience for all users.

    If you disagree with another user’s opinion that does not give you any right to harass or attack that user. If you think your reply might offend someone then think again and don’t post it. Stay on topic.

    What this forum is not:
    • This is not a tool to provide translations.
    • This is not a dictionary website.
    • This is not a reference website.
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